What is an Exclusive Buyers Agent?

Exclusive Buyers Agents only represent buyers. They never represent Sellers and they do not accept listings. Thus the term “Exclusive.” As such, Carolina Home Buyers Connection guarantees 100% representation to the buyers.

Unlike traditional buyers agents, we never list properties nor represent sellers. We only work with buyers and look out for their best interests. Can an agent fairly represent the seller and buyer in a single transaction? No. There is a potential conflict of interest which could happen when an agent is representing both sides of a transaction. The seller’s agent wants the highest price for the seller; the buyers agent has a fiduciary responsibility to negotiate the lowest price. As Exclusive Buyers Agents we do not want our buyers to overpay. We will negotiate the lowest price for your home.

Just like a traditional buyers agent, our fee can be paid by the seller on your behalf.

Charlotte NC Buyer Agent — Responsibilities and Duties

1) Provide our buyers with 100% representation, always looking out for their best interests, and never sharing any confidential information with a seller or seller’s agent. It is our fiduciary duty to represent buyers and help them purchase homes of their choice at the lowest possible price.

2) Assist buyers with getting pre-approval from a preferred lender or a lender of their choice.

3) Evaluate the buyers needs based on a predetermined set of criteria, and locate and prescreen properties to meet that criteria.

4) Show properties to the buyer and research any problems or questions the buyer may have on a property.

5) Prepare a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) of recent sales in the market area prior to making an offer on a property to help determine a fair offer price.

6) Negotiate the Offer to Purchase and Contract on behalf of the buyer. Whenever possible, we will present all offers to the selling agent and sellers at the same time. By doing this, we will be able to present the advantages of our buyer’s offer.

7) Fully represent the buyers throughout the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end. Carolina Home Buyers Connection will arrange the home inspection, negotiate repairs, schedule the closing attorney, arrange the final walk-through, review the settlement statement (HUD-1), and manage any other transactions that need to be completed to ensure a successful closing.

Looking for a Lake Norman Buyers Agent?

Carolina Home Buyers Connection has assisted buyers in finding the perfect lakefront, water-view, or lake access homes. We specialize in properties located in both Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. When considering the purchase of a lake property, it is beneficial to use the expertise and negotiating power of an Exclusive Buyers Agent. Come to the Carolinas – let Carolina Home Buyers Connection work for you!